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Open Food Facts


Open Food Facts is the world’s largest open source food database, a sort of Wikipedia of Food. Its mission is to empower consumers & producers to measure and change at large scale the impact of food on our health (Nutri-Score) and on the planet (Eco-Score). We believe that food is a priority for health and environment and information about what we eat is of public interest.
Created in 2012, this non-profit pioneer of food transparency:
• exists thanks to 20,000+ contributors (being a collaborative project),
• displays data of 3.0M+ food products,
• is used by over 3M users a month,
• in more than 160 countries,
and encourages 180+ small & large producers to share their products’ data with consumers.

El CoCo


El CoCo is one of the leading nutritional apps in Spain, with 700k+ of users. It has been featured in the media numerous times. El CoCo’s core focus lies in social innovation and community engagement, which constitutes a fundamental aspect of its business model. It is an entrepreneurial project formed by a team of passionate people convinced that it is possible to create a company that has a positive impact on society. Based on the collaborative economy, it is 100% independent. El Coco has been working with Open Food Facts for several years, and has been a key contributor to the Open Food Facts database.

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DRG4Food Open Call #2
Launching April 2024

Heads up! DRG4Food Open Call #2 is around the corner.

It’s your chance to advance your project
with a focus on digital responsibility in the food sector.
More info coming soon.