DRG4Food Open Call #1:
Meet the Winners

Learn about the journeys of our DRG4Food Open Call winners,
their driving forces, and how they are shaping the future
of digital responsibility in food innovation.

Spotlight on Open Call #1 Winners

DRG4Food Program Roadmap

Our business support program spans 9 to 12 months and is designed in a hybrid format, combining on-site activities and online sessions. The program is tailored to each project team, and the curriculum includes lectures, workshops, personalized expert mentoring and group coaching. Each project team is assigned an end-to-end Mentor to guide them through the program, set goals, and track progress.

The program is organized into sprints, focusing on four main areas: Data Rights and Digital Responsibility within the Food Sector, Product Development alongside Toolbox and Open Source Contributions, Business Development & Partner Collaborations, Fundraising and Event Participation, and Innovations in Food Systems.

Phase 1
Setting Up and Planning for a Trustworthy Data-Driven Food System
Phase 2
Digital Responsibility-Driven Innovation, Research, and Piloting
Phase 3
Scaling Up – Bring Your Digital Solution to Market

DRG4Food Open Call #2
Launching April 2024

Heads up! DRG4Food Open Call #2 is around the corner.

It’s your chance to advance your project
with a focus on digital responsibility in the food sector.
More info coming soon.