Why we need a trustworthy data-driven food system | DRG4FOOD webinar

On the 4th of May, the EU-funded DRG4FOOD project held its first webinar to show why we need a diverse and human-centric perspective to create a sustainable ecosystem that is “trustworthy by default” and how a data-based approach will help the food system to be compliant to the European Digital Rights and Principles and the Digital Responsibility Goals.

During the presentation, DRG4FOOD representatives explained how the activities of the project will contribute to achieve this goal and the expected outcomes of DRG4FOOD. A special focus is placed on the two Open Calls that will be launched as part of the project to stimulate, engage and financially support third parties (SMEs, research institutions, researchers) in developing and implementing the pilot solutions. FOODITY, the DRG4FOOD sister project funded under the same call, has participated to the webinar and explained its work towards a dynamic ecosystem of digital solutions for food and nutrition that respect citizens’ rights to personal data sovereignty in Europe.
In case you missed, go to the video section of this website to see the recording!